SSL authentication for IoT core fails in one region while successful in the other region (same certificates)


Our teams are working on a project that involves two Quectel modems (BG77 & BG96) for MQTT pub/sub operations which are being handled on the AWS IoT core. I am facing issue with device SSL authentication in South Asia.

Following was done :

  • **Certificates (cacert.pem,client.pem,user_key.pem) **were generated from the IoT Core in US-WEST (N.California) region from our developer team in California.
  • The certificates were stored in the modem's flash for SSL authentication before opening the MQTT connection to AWS endpoint.
  • The authentication was successful and MQTT connection , pub/sub operations are being successfully performed by our California team.
  • However, we have another team in South Asia (Pakistan) and for them the MQTT connection wasn't opened and SSL authentication failed using those same certificates.

We are unable to figure out the problem. Any kind of assistance will be appreciated. Regards.

  • Which iot endpoint (region) did the Pakistan's team connect to?

  • The Pakistan's team is trying to use the same endpoint that the other team was using. It's US-West-1.

  • Please provide additional information about the failure. There might be a timeout issue on the SSL negotiation.

  • QMTOPEN is the AT command for the modem to open the network as a MQTT client. And it's maximum response time is 75s. But while using the AWS endpoint, the response from the QMTOPEN command is very prompt (about 2-3s). So I believe it's not a timeout problem.

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