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Is STS part of EC2 ip-ranges CIDR?


My customer, need to allow egress from VPC to STS service for VPC lambda to call STSClient.AssumeRoleAsync API call. Am I correct, assuming that they need to allow outgoing traffic to EC2 ip-ranges CIDR in their SG?

asked 5 years ago121 views
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Accepted Answer

When dealing with AWS services it's generally a bad idea / almost impossible to get an authoritative set of IP addresses for a particular service unless it is explicitly called out in the ip-ranges.json file that we publish.

In the case of sts (,, etc etc etc) these are not called out explicitly and aren't part of EC2.

Instead I'd recommend configuring a proxy host that looks at the requested domain, and allowlists the sts endpoint(s) they'd like to access.

So add a squid proxy to the VPC in a public subnet configured to allowlist the sts endpoint(s) they want to communicate with. Configure the Lambda function to launch in the VPC, and use the IP address(s) / ELB of the Squid Proxy to proxy your STS calls.

answered 5 years ago

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