enable epel in AWS Linux 2022


I am trying to enable epel in AWS Linux 2022 - I am using al2022-ami-2022.0.20220817.0-kernel-5.15-arm64 image. However, when I run rpm -Uvh dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/epel/7/aarch64/Packages/e/epel-release-*.rpm I get the following error:

error: Failed dependencies:
        redhat-release >= 7 is needed by epel-release-7-12.noarch

Not sure, if there is another way to install third party package. I am trying the basic - Linux + Apache + Certbot. There is LAMP tutorial that works fine; but the section To secure your web server (Optional) refers to Linux 2 documentation.

I also noticed that Certbot is not yet available for Linux 2022, correct?

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EPEL is a third-party, community-driven repository targeting EL distros (RHEL, and its clones or hybrids). But starting with AL2023, AL is an independent distro that uses multiple upstreams. It's not directly compatible with RHEL, and therefore EPEL packages are unlikely to work with it.

Customers in need of additional packages in AL2023 should request them through their customer representatives or support channels.


answered 5 months ago

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