IST time in AWS appsync pipeline resolver function


I have a pipeline resolver which should automatically fetch the current IST date time from $util.time in aws appsync,

$util.time.nowISO8601() returns the UTC time, It works perfectly but then i should setup time conversion on my app frontend

I get an error when trying $util.time.nowFormatted("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ssZ", "Asia/Kolkatta") "message": "Cannot return null for non-nullable type: 'AWSDateTime' within parent

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I believe the root cause is a typo in ZoneId. According to utility documentation formats is based on DateTimeFormatter which uses TZDB IDs for TimeZones. According to this it should be either Asia/Calcutta or Asia/Kolkata. You can find a helpful list of time zones here

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  • Thanks for the answer, but I get following error.

    can't serialize value (/createpayInfo/date) : Unable to serialize 2022-03-28 12:34:59+0530 as a valid DateTime Object.

    Changing the type from AWSDateTime to String fixed the issue. Seems other time zone value is not accepted when value is inserted in dynamodb.

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