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Hi , We have a requirement on Document DB i.e, item-level-recovery , to restore particular data(collections or indexes) from the backup. I don't see option in AWS Condsole, Could someone please help on the this item-level-recovery in document DB

Thanks,' Bhargav.

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Hi Bhargav,

There are a couple of approaches here, but all of them are proactive in nature.

  1. PITR - a point in time recovery could help you to restore the DynamoDB table to a previous state. You can then compare the original table v/s restored table and find out the items which need to be updated in the original table. Please refer this
  2. Application logs, audit logs or manual exports - If you log or export item level changes/snapshots (say to a data warehouse), you could try to restore them manually.

I hope this is helpful.

Thanks, Rama

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answered 7 days ago
  • Hi Rama, Thanks for the response, I didn't see these options in Amazon Document DB. in Document DB we have a Backup and restore snapshot . Could you please help on item level recovery in Document DB.

    Thanks in advance.

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