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Instance reachability failed!


RHEL 7 on t2micro instance i-07b7f0529c9ae72dc
Status checks 1/2
DETAILS 2019-04-17T18:19:00.000Z reachability failed

All I did was stop and start it. What happened??!! More importantly, how to fix it?
I stop/started it thrice.
Looked at the system log and nothing seems wrong. I'm trying not to panic. I've been customizing the instances for hours and hours.

asked 3 years ago29 views
3 Answers

Update from support agent-
The kernel changed and that may be the cause of the instance failing.

The question is how did it spontaneously change? Only I use it and I've only been running some Python scripts. Pretty innocuous stuff.

answered 3 years ago

Hi Ace4plasticoMan,

I noted that the Instance in question was failing Instance Status Checks but has since recovered and is now passing both Status Checks.

As noted here [1], Instance Status Checks monitor the software and network configuration of your individual instance. Amazon EC2 checks the health of the instance by sending an address resolution protocol (ARP) request to the ENI. Unfortunately, due to our privacy and security policy, we do not have access to our Customers' resources therefore I cannot confirm the root cause.

I would recommend reviewing your OS level logs such as /var/log/messages during the same timeframe of the issue for any errors, warnings, etc. If you have any further concerns, please let me know.



answered 3 years ago

Shot self in foot. 100% my fault. I edited fstab days before the reboot and forgot.
Issue was resolved with support case.
One agent thought the kernel had changed but second agent did not agree. Commenting out the bad line in /etc/fstab resolved the issue.

answered 3 years ago

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