Point Multiple Secured Domains to Different apps on Amazon Lightsail Windows Server


I have a domain in GoDaddy and an Amazon LightSail Windows Server 2019. I am trying to point the main domain and subdomain to two different IIS sites. For example.

  • example.com to IIS App1
  • app.example.com to IIS App2

Well, this scenario is simple enough if I point my domain and subdomain to a static IP by adding an A record. I was able to point.

but this way my connection was not secure and I wanted to add an SSL certificate.

To add the SSL in LightSail I have done the following.

  1. Created DNS Zones in LightSail and point my GoDaddy domain to it
  2. Create a static IP in LightSail
  3. Created Distribution in LightSail
  4. Created SSL Certificate and enabled Custom Domain

Now SSL is successfully installed and I am able to access my main domain but both of the domains point to IIS APP1

How can I point https://app.example.com to IIS App2 using Amazon LightSail Distribution?

Please note that in IIS APP2 I have added binding for app.example.com for port 80 and 443 and Require Server Name Indication is Checked.

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Hey folks,

Check all steps described in the post below. Probably, it can help you.



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answered 10 months ago

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