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Automate creation of AWS support case



I want to automate whole things as described below:-

If any resources get down or anything happens to resources(Eg:- High CPU Utilization, Memory Utilization) then a support case needs to be created automatically.

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2 Answers

I believe this is possible since AWS Support has an API of its own.[1]

References: [1] Programming an AWS Support case -

answered 3 months ago
  • Thanks for the quick response. I have seen it but there we have to enter some of the things manually. For Eg:- I want that if an EC2 Instance is above Cpu Utilization limit then CloudWatch trigger AWS lambda function and we have some function which will create AWS support case automatically.. no need to enter manually anything.

  • Yes, that's the correct way to go about it with an event triggering a Lambda function. Can you provide more context around what information it is asking for manually? Secondly, is there a specific use case you are trying to resolve? eg. It would be a good to create a support case for when something goes does, but not necessarily high usage which could be due to workload and would need initial troubleshooting.

  • Hello @Shivam_G, My use-case is that if any AWS resource misbehaves (eg:- Not working as expected) then there should be a trigger or something which can auto-generate an AWS support case..



I understand that you want to create an automated case creation when the resources reaches a certain limit. You can follow the below steps to configure:

  •   Create a cloudwatch alarm for a metric [1]
  •   Trigger a lambda function
  •   Configure lambda with this API -

Supports all of these:

  •   AWS Command Line Interface
  •   AWS SDK for .NET
  •   AWS SDK for C++
  •   AWS SDK for Go
  •   AWS SDK for Java V2
  •   AWS SDK for JavaScript
  •   AWS SDK for PHP V3
  •   AWS SDK for Python
  •   AWS SDK for Ruby V3

I hope this helps



answered 3 months ago
  • Thanks for the help mate! I will go through this and will try to create one.

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