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We use a utility to sync files nightly. It is configured to send an email enumerating errors encountered each run. Since moving our domain to WorkMail, the email has never successfully been received. I have not been able to establish the correct parameters, for it to automatically create and send an email. The configurable parameters are:
– SMTP Server
– Port
– Password
– Secure SMTP submit over SSL [checkbox]
– Secure SMTP submit using STARTTLS [checkbox]

There is a Test function for the email config in this utility. I have tried several ports with SSL & STARTTLS. Currently been testing with STARTTLS checked using port 25.

I have tried our WorkMail Server URL (; after approx 60 secs, that fails with a timeout error.
I have tried the SES URL,; that fails authentication.


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I'm sorry to hear you have problems with connecting to WorkMail via SMTP. For the connection end-points and settings you can visit this documentation page:

The url you need to use for SMTP is on port 465. Also important to note that WorkMail SMTP does not support STARTTLS so you need to connect with ssl.

Connecting to the outlook endpoint will not work as this is not an smtp server and for the SES smtp endpoint, it will not work with WorkMail credentials.

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Thanks for the cogent response. That solved it straight away. Thanks!

answered 5 years ago

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