Cannot add a new credit card on payment preference menu


When I tried to add a new credit card issued in the US, it gives me the following error. "Your payment method is not supported for the AWS seller payments in your Region. Add a supported payment method and try again."

It seems that it is related to my service provider, which is 'AWS Korea". I'd like to change it to AWS Inc. (USA) if possible.

How can I add this new credit card?

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Perhaps AWS accounts issued by AWS Korea cannot be registered with US credits.
The following document describes the credit cards that can be used with AWS Korea's AWS account.

Regarding changes to AWS Inc., I think it would be best to open a case with AWS Support under "Account and billing".

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answered 6 months ago

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out.

Our Support team can assist with some guidance on this. You can reach out to them by opening a support case here:


— Reece W.

answered 6 months ago

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