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Managed Grafana - Add Images to Dashboard


According to the Grafana docs as well as the Grafana docs, you should be able to embed images into a dashboard using either a Text widget or as a value in a table. I have tried every possible way, HTML, base64, direct link to the image, text addon, table view... Every attempt results in a broken image icon rather than the image.

I've read that there's an INI setting that you may need to change, but Amazon does not give us that level of access.

Has anyone figured this out?

asked 7 months ago187 views
2 Answers

This is possible. In the panel text entry, try adding this with HTML selected:


This is an example which displays a red dot. You will need to convert a PNG image into a Base64 encoded image. Use this:

Add you own Base64 encoded image. I don't know the size limitation for the text panel, but I managed a 126x80 PNG of a logo.

answered 4 months ago
  • Clever workaround here. Native Grafana allows an image src in a HTML text box, AWS managed Grafana doesn't appear to allow image src, which is not good ! I have used this service and managed to get 509kb png into AWS managed grafana using this technique to paste the base64 encoded text into the img src tag.
    However... take a look at the JSON behind the scenes!


I am also blocked on this. A client requires branding be added to the AMG dashboard. I can embedded an image sourced from an S3 bucket using a non-managed version of Grafana. If I add the same object URL to a text panel (having selected HTML) I only ever see a broken image icon. This is a really useful and important feature to allow branding of a dashboard. Please can you indicate if this will ever be supported or if it is supported and how I may solve the problem? Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.

answered 4 months ago

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