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Change of sending IP


Hello, my account has recently been hacked. It seems that everything is fixed, however, now I am doing tests and all the emails arrive in the SPAM folder, before the hack it did not happen. When I was hacked I sent massive emails and the health of the account got much worse. They reset it, now the health is fine, but the emails go to SPAM. Is it possible to change my sending IP or fix it somehow? Thanks.

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What has probably (I'm guessing) happened is that the various organizations that track spam have flagged your domain as (well....) "spammy". You'll need to get in touch with them and find out if there's a way to resolve that.

If you're using a dedicated IP with SES then you can get that changed; but most customers use the shared IP pool so the source IP isn't something you can control and (in general) you'll use a different IP at different times so it's unlikely to be that.

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answered 2 months ago

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