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We are trying to close an Organization account. It has about 15 sub accounts. We are not allowed to delete the Organization until all the accounts have been delete, but we are only allowed to delete 2 accounts every 30 days. That will take half a year to remove these accounts. How can we remove the closing account limit?

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Hi ,

AWS have a closing account quota of 10% of your total running accounts per 30 days. As a default, you were only able to close 2 accounts from your existing 15 .

To resolve this , you could raise an exception request via the AWS support in the console to close the additional accounts beyond the limit that you have.

Steps: Console->AWS Support->Create Case->Account & Billing Support-> Type:Acccount -> Category: Close/Cancel My Account

Hope this helps, cheers.

answered 2 years ago

This was the answer from support " ★ Unfortunately, this limit for percentage of active member accounts in an organization that can be closed within a 30 day period, is a default limit and cannot be increased further on request.

Due to AWS security policies, we will not be able to perform any account specific tasks on your behalf. "

Not working so make up your mind, or remove this stupid and useless rule

answered a year ago

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