cloud watch agent is inactive.


I have installed an cloud watch agent on my ec2 instance using run command ,it is connected with my monitoring tool (site 24x7), since last few weeks I am getting an alert from my monitoring tool indicating an error that my cloud watch agent is inactive, also the logs are not visible when it occurs, I have checked the cw agent installed on my ec2 it is installed properly without any error,also its utilization is fine normal usage metrics are also visible, i also tryd reinstalling the cw agent and restarting it , but still i get this error , I also contacted my Monitoring tool support they have checked from there side its all working fine from there side there is no error or bugs, they have suggested me to contact the support of aws , i am facing some critical problems due to this issue , can you please help me with problem ??? i am facing this issue in my other accounts also regularly , please provide me a proper solution regarding this issue !!! i have attached the image of this error which i recieve from my tool

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I Could not catch you properly, but here are some details - CloudWatch agent has these steps to make it work - 1. Install 2. Fetch Configure with JSON/SSM 3. Start agent. Also you can enable autostart of agent on Windows Service/ systemctl enable servicename in Linux to autostart it.

If it fails / stops for some reason - it could be less memory available. As solution - You can set a Cron in Linux/ Task scheduler in Windows to start the agent every 1 minute.

Also you can check the Logs of CloudWatch agent on server in default location of installation.

answered 5 months ago
  • yes , i have did this steps (1. Install 2. Fetch Configure with JSON/SSM 3. Start agent.) ihave also checked all the utilization (memory,CPU....) everything is fine and working properly ,also there are no taskscheduler or any automatuion which can conflict ! is there any other solution ?


Hi, you should connect to your EC2 instance and type the command indicated on this page

so either

sudo service awslogs status

or if Linux AL2

sudo service awslogsd status

and then Check the /var/log/awslogs.log file for any errors, warnings, or issues with the CloudWatch Logs agent

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answered 5 months ago
  • I have used the command and it is showing this "unit awslogsd.service could not be found"

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