How can I create an Aurora MySQL serverless v1 cluster?


Hi, I’m trying to create an aurora mysql serverless v1 database cluster. None of the versions that are presented to me in the drop-down allow serverless v1. I’m trying to install the 2.08.3/5.7.2version which is what the documentation indicates but this is not in the list. I have confirmed that it should be available for my region which is Canada-central. I’ve tried other regions but nothing shows up. I don’t have any filters applied when reviewing the list either.

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I have confirmed that Serverless v1 is not selectable in my management console either.
Instead, it can be created by executing the following command.

aws rds create-db-cluster --db-cluster-identifier sample-cluster  --engine aurora-mysql --engine-version 5.7.mysql_aurora.2.08.3  --engine-mode serverless  --scaling-configuration MinCapacity=4,MaxCapacity=32,SecondsUntilAutoPause=1000,AutoPause=true  --master-username username --master-user-password Dtabase-Password

Version 2.08.3 is deprecated and probably not selectable from the management console.

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