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Often people don't have personal AWS accounts and do not want their re:Post profile to be a hostage of their current employment! Please, allow alternative authentication! And maybe linking AWS accounts (more than one).

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Would suggest the team to add social media logins as well.

While the team is working to add more login methods, one alternative is to create a new, personal AWS account, and leveraging the 1 year free tier one might be getting some additional AWS knowledge that might help them professionally down the road.

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  • I think this is a good workaround. Yes, having a new login method is pretty convenient but underneath that convenience lies the risk of having bogus profiles and lots of spam in this new platform.

  • How would one add their cert badges from Credly if the emails don't match?


Thank you for your suggestion for more flexible login/account capabilities. We hear your feedback on this, and this enhancement is already on our priority list -- please stay tuned for more around this request. We appreciate your feedback and continued participation in the re:Post community! Kind Regards, Monica L.

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answered 2 years ago

Hi, using an account to log in ensures that you are a customer of AWS and have accepted terms and conditions. I understand that this is the reason behind requiring an account.

The concern about loosing your profile when switching jobs sounds reasonable, my advice is to create a personal free account and leverage the free tier to practice.

About login with social media (once you have initially authenticated with your AWS account), could be a good request for enhancement. I'll channel this request internally.

Hope my answer helps. Please remember to choose an accepted answer.

answered 2 years ago
  • Certainly having a personal account and using that for re:Post makes sense that way you will also get use AWS env for some hands-on experience.


It is now possible to register for re:Post using an Amazon Builder ID.

answered a year ago

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