wireguard in melbourne not working


I was building wireguard on ec2 in Melbourne. The configuration was created successfully, but it doesn't work.

Previously, I created a configuration for Sydney. It works without problems.

I do not know what the problem is. The only difference is that for Sydney I choose t2.micro. But for Melbourne, I can only choose t3.micro. Does it matter?

Or what could be the reason?

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1 Answer

t2 may not be supported in Melbourne.
If you check the following document, you will not find it in the fee schedule.
I believe it is possible to use WireGuard with t3.micro.

Is there a setting in the security group to allow ports used by WireGuard?
Likewise, make sure that the network ACLs for the subnet where the EC2 is located allow the necessary communications.
Otherwise, try debugging, etc., to see if there are any errors in the connection.

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answered 13 days ago

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