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/Error: Sagemaker Lab for Hugging Face Example/

Error: Sagemaker Lab for Hugging Face Example



I am working on Hugging Face example in Sagemaker labs, and I got the below error

"ResourceLimitExceeded: An error occurred (ResourceLimitExceeded) when calling the CreateTrainingJob operation: The account-level service limit 'ml.p3.2xlarge for training job usage' is 0 Instances, with current utilization of 0 Instances and a request delta of 1 Instances. Please contact AWS support to request an increase for this limit."


Can you please enable 1 instance to help me continue with Sagemaker Lab example of Hugging face model.

Thank you

1 Answers


If you are using the SageMaker notebooks inside your AWS account then you can request a limit increase for ml.p3.2xlarge instance and you can find the instructions here. However you can change the instance type and use another one from this list.

If you are using your SageMaker Studio Lab free account(not the AWS account), then you do not need to specify an instance type. Here is an example that uses Hugging Face translation. And other examples from the Hugging Face github repo.

answered 2 months ago

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