Issue with ChatBedrock (LangChain) on corporate network


I am trying to use ChatBedrock of Langchain on my corporate network, while executing I get ValueError: Error raised by bedrock services: Connection was closed before we recieved a valid response from endpoint URL: <- URL ->/invoke.

The same happens when I try to retrieve data from my AmazonKnowledgeBaseRetriever in langchain.

Please help me with this issue, is there any proxy setup that bedrock allows...!?

Thanks and Regards, Nithin

  • Also I would like to say that itworks flawlessly on my personal network on the same device..

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This is usually due to a firewall or connectivity issue: it's generic to all AWS SDKs not only Bedrock.

To validate, can you come up with a very simple scenario executed on your corp network and see how Bedrock reacts.

For example, try to run aws bedrock list-foundation-models (see from one of your corporate machines to see what you get.



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  • Hi Didier,

    I tried running the mentioned command. It gave connection was closed before we recieved a valid response from endpoint URL.

    As you mentioned I guess it is a firewall issue or a connectivity issue, it works on my personal network properly. I was checking if there is any proxy config that would solve the issue.

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