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/View data permissions granted with LF-Tags/

View data permissions granted with LF-Tags


I've granted data permissions to a user through the use of LF-Tags (instead of Named Data Catalog resources). It works fine.

How/Where can I view and revoke these permissions ? I'm thinking about some kind of display where I can see UserA <-> (Tag B, Value C).

I'm an admin of the lake formation.

In console it only seems possible to view data permissions only when granted using Named Data Catalog resources.

By going to Menu -> Permissions -> Datalake permissions I can't find a way to filter by lf-tags.

I've searched documentation but only found how to view permissions granted using Named Data Catalog resources (

asked 5 months ago13 views
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Accepted Answer

At this moment, you can view these details using LakeFormation APIs

answered 5 months ago

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