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Associating DHCP options with a subnet instead of VPC?


Hi, I may miss something here but DHCP options set is associated with a VPC instead of a subnet within the VPC. Is there anyway to associate a DHCP options set to a particular subnet instead? If I have multiple subnets requiring dynamic IP assignments, how does it know the proper IP pool to assign an IP from?

Thank you.

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DHCP Options set is a VPC construct, it can not be associated with a subnet. Please see below note from the documentation; although you can create multiple custom DHCP options set, each VPC can have MAX 1 DHCP options set associated with it.


A custom DHCP option set enables you to customize your VPC with your own DNS server, domain name, and more. You can create as many additional DHCP option sets as you want. However, you can only associate a VPC with one set of DHCP options at a time

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answered 23 days ago

Appreciate the quick response, @Tushar_j! So I guess the only way to work around to using DHCP in multiple subnets in the same VPC is to put the subnets in different VPCs then. Thank you.

answered 23 days ago
  • So just to be clear 1 DHCP options set in a VPC will serve multiple subnets in multiple AZs within a VPC just fine, you don't need to create multiple DHCP options set.

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