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/Amazon Connect error using Lex as customer input/

Amazon Connect error using Lex as customer input


I am trying to create a demo call centre using AWS connect.

Part of my contact flow makes use of the "Get Customer Input", as I want to use an Amazon lex bot. I have created to divert to a specific working queue. For example, if the user says "sales" they should be directed to the sales queue.

I have tested the Lex bot within the Lex console and it works as intended.

However when testing the Lex integration within AWS connect it will always follow the "error" path on the block after a user says something on the phone.

Here is the CloudWatch log showing the Error result of the module.

   "Results": "Error",
   "ContactFlowName": "Inbound Flow",
   "ContactFlowModuleType": "GetUserInput",
   "Timestamp": "2022-02-12T18:06:10.940Z"

Here is the contact flow:

Here is the settings for the "Get Customer Input Block":

Here is a test of the Lex bot in the Lex dashboard:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

2 Answers
Accepted Answer

If you're using LexV2 make sure you set the proper Language Attribute as well. Easiest way is using the set Voice block in your Contact Flow, on the very bottom of the block you can enable "set language attribute".

answered 5 months ago
  • Thank you! This turned out to be the answer. The language set of the Lex Bot was english(UK). By adding a Voice block with the language attribute of english(UK) it fixed the issue. I think it would be nice to be able to see why an error occurs in the a block.


Please check if the intents in the Get customer input block matches the intents in Amazon Lex. Also, save and publish the contact flow.

You can refer to this documentation for a guide on adding an Amazon Lex bot to Amazon Connect:

answered 5 months ago
  • Thanks Joahna, I made sure these were correct.

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