Migrating databsase from mongodb to documentdb


I am currently migrating my data from MongoDB to DocumentDB and want to use further use Documentdb as my permanent database. Now I first dumped the files and restored it on my documentDB cluster. I can also access the Documentdb cluster from mongoshell and I can see my database in Documentdb. Now my issue is that I am not able to use the database when I add the URI to my React application. It just doesn't work i tried several ways but it still didn't work. What can be the issue? I even followed the documentation.

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We must first establish a server-side connection to DocumentDB in order to interact with it. Then, from the ReactJS client, we must access APIs to communicate with DocumentDB. You can follow the following documentation to create a server side connection, make sure to check the tls settings of your cluster. https://docs.aws.amazon.com/documentdb/latest/developerguide/connect_programmatically.html#connect_programmatically-tls_enabled

answered a year ago

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