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ERR_SIG_TIMEOUT: An error occurred while connecting to your WorkSpace.


Dear Experts,

We have a "Standard with Windows 10" WorkSpace running in Ireland and are trying to connect via the web client (

Unfortunately after watching "Connecting" and the arrows chasing each other for a few minutes, we get this error:
An error occurred while connecting to your WorkSpace.
Please try again later.
If the problem persists please contact your WorkSpaces administrator.

When we connect using the Mac Client is works without a problem.

Any ideas?


asked 5 years ago148 views
1 Answer

Note that the protocol used to connect via a web client is completely different than that used by the MacOS, Windows, Chromebook or mobile clients, so it isn't surprising that one would work while the other might be having problems.

I'm just connecting now with the web client to look at it and I too am having the same connectivity problem you are describing so it doesn't seem to be an isolated case (I've a Windows 10 Workspace running in Oregon).

I connected via a Windows client and looked at the event log on my workspace and saw this warning:

The computer 'WebClient' preference item in the 'Default VM Settings {386871E0-1E30-4EA1-BD1D-2D1D09D618F4}' Group Policy Object did not apply because it failed with error code '0x80070424 The specified service does not exist as an installed service.' This error was suppressed.

This corresponds roughly around the time I was trying to log in. Looking at older entries, I see an actual error roughly 6 hours ago (3ish a.m.) :

Unsupported operating system, this version of Workspace is not currently supported for WebAccess: '10.0.14393.0' - 'Windows_2016_14393-English-64Bit-Workspace_EN_Base-WorkSpaces_EN_Base_WS2016'

Not sure why that particular version is not supported.

Do you have a similar event log messages on your workspace?

answered 5 years ago

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