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/In QuickSight how can I get the whole table to show on a pdf-report?/

In QuickSight how can I get the whole table to show on a pdf-report?


I have created a table with one column and multiple rows into my analysis. I want to create a pdf-report from my analysis that contains the table and some other visualisations. The problem that I am facing is that when I create the pdf-report from the analysis, the pdf does not show the whole table, but instead cuts only part of it vertically, showing only some of the rows in the table. How can I make the whole table show on my pdf-report?

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Hi .

We have prioritized this feature and are working on it. You can stay up to date with what features we release here on our what’s new page or you can see them within the community in the announcements section here: Announcements - Amazon QuickSight .

Also, for QuickSight related questions we have launched a fully dedicated community; in case you want to check there to see if there are further answer to your questions.

hope this helps,

answered 4 months ago
  • Sorry had mis written the problem description. The problem is that the table is cut vertically not horizontally

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