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Can not select multiple S3 bucket from Security & permissions page



I have a dataset that is using an S3 bucket, say bucketA.
Now I want to create another dataset that will also use another S3 bucket, bucketB.
From "Security & permissions" page I try to add bucketB to access from QuickSight. I select bucketA and bucketB from the list and also select "Write permission for Athena Workgroup" checkboxes. I see "2 buckets selected" text on the page. Then I click update. Then weirdly page shows "1 buckets selected". When I open the details I see only bucketA is selected.

It seems that update actions returns an error but does not show it on the page.

Please help!

asked 2 years ago22 views
1 Answer


It was a permission issue after all. I deleted every dataset, policies etc. and recreated them.
It is working now.


answered 2 years ago

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