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My Domain name is not being resolved SERVFAIL


Hello, I'm the owner of domain name that I bought directly from AWS Route53. The domain name is not being resolved and I don't know what the issue is, The domain name is part of a public hosted zone and I didn't change the default name servers attributed by AWS.

a whois request returns the correct aws name servers. but an nslookup would return SERVFAIL

Below are the Dns records on route53

Record nameTypeRouting policyDifferentiatorValue/Route traffic to 1 7200 900 1209600 86400

Could you help Please ?

Best Regards,

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Hello There,

Probably the previous NS which you got during the domain creation might be propagated and might stored in the DNS caches. That is the reason WHOis showing results, however the NS of the Public HZ are not updated which is way the SERVFAIL error.

I could see that the NS is updated and in propagation state. Domain is available:

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answered a month ago
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reviewed a month ago

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