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I have just created a HTTP API and would like to setup a custom domain name somedomain.mysite.com

In Console under Create Domain Name, when I select mutual TLS option and enter truststore URI in S3, using ACM public certificate which I have requested earlier for same domain name, there is an error of Too Many Requests.

Under Route53, there is an A record pointing to somedomain.mysite.com and a CNAME record to validate the DNS for the certificate under same domain. Using the certificate ARN, I have copied the certificate chain as a PEM file and uploaded to S3

I'm not sure where is the exception coming from as I have not done any updates on API Gateway so far

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I am not sure where. the error is coming from, but, do you need mutual TLS? Usually you do not need mutual TLS for custom domain names. You only need it when you also have client certificates that you want to validate on the server.

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answered 2 years ago

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