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Deploying and migrating web infrastructure


I'm new to Cloud/DevOps stuff. I have dockerized a wordpress website where site runs on a one container and mysql db running on a different container. I have the code hosted on github. This I imagine to be a high volume website and I need to be highly available and horizontally scalling. Also I want the application to be in a pipeline so that when I make changes to the code, the updates get automatically pushed to the running website. I want to host the application on AWS. Being a student, I have little idea in setting this up on AWS. Could anyone help me or direct me to the right direction?

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Hello -

This is my opinionated recommendation, per what you have described, you need a highly available, and scalable wordpress setup, and with minimal DevOps knowledge. Not sure if you also has a budget constraints.

The first option I recommend is you look for fully managed WordPress option, for example

I do not recommend you to use containers for WordPress. Containers work perfectly fine with WordPress, but because of the ways it works and the networking connectivity required for MySQL, you need to be very familiar with container networking plus persistence storage most likely in forms of EFS as well as choosing a orchestration tool such as ECS or Kubernetes (and then become familiar with those tools' service discovery and networking).

It is a much heavier lift for you as someone new to manage those things correctly.

If you do choose to run your own site, I recommend start with things like lightsail, or even EC2 instances behind a load balancer plus maybe a RDS MySQL.

In the future if you want to start with containers, I recommend start with ECS first and see if it fits your style. It has great integration with AWS Code suite of tools like CodePipeline and you can do Blue/Green deployments with automatic builds.

Lastly we have EKS which is a managed Kubernetes service for open source compatibility. Kubernetes is very powerful but you do need to learn it to be able to manage and scale.

answered 4 months ago
  • Thank you for your comment Jason. I'm doing this to learn the technologies and this is not a production setup. I would like to know how I can set up the infrastructure I decribed using these technologies.


Two resources that you would want to check out. These will guide you through setting up a container orchestration and creating a code pipeline. I would highly recommend setting up a Budget alarm and understanding how to project costs also.

answered 4 months ago

We have both a quickstart using Bitnami's distribution and a tutorial that may help as well.

answered 4 months ago

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