Why in my bills page, the occupied rds space storage is increasing even if I have only one mySQL database instance which is basically empty?


I'm using the AWS free-tier plan which includes 20GB of free RDS storage space. I have created a mySQL db instance only to experiment a bit with the aws ecosystem. I have disabled automated backups and all what does not strictly concern about my database. My database contains only one or two tables with few rows, at most 1 MB of storage, this is confirmed by the free storage graph in the monitoring page of the instance which shows a straight line on 200GB from when the database has been created. However in my bills page (in the section "Amazon Relational Database Service Provisioned Storage") i see that the occupied storage increases day by day by more than 2 GB.

$0.00 per GB-month of provisioned GP2 storage under monthly free tier running MySQL: 20GB

$0.137 per GB-month of provisioned gp2 storage running MySQL: 57.80

Could someone help me?

I see that other people had the same issue (see this question)

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Hello, You're saying "a straight line on 200GB" - but the free tier is only for 20GB, you're billed for the extra 180 GB.

answered a year ago

I believe he added an extra 0 by mistake. I am experiencing the same issue.

In my case, when I first configured the DB with all free tier configurations, automatically the system generated the DB with a backup policy of 7 days, and I believe that was generating extra space.

Then I disabled that configuration, now I have no backup policy. But the costs are increaging day after day!.

What else could be?

$0.00 per GB-month of provisioned GP2 storage under monthly free tier running MySQL20.000 GB-Mo$0.00 $0.219 per GB-month of provisioned gp2 storage running MySQL3.678 GB-Mo

I have lost a lot of time configuring RDS for the free tier and this hiding costs are telling me not to use this.

answered a year ago

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