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way to control appstream fleet hostname


How can I control the hostname generation for appstream 2.0 ? When I have a fleet of windows instances that are scaling on a regular basis, how can I control hostname given to the appstream fleet instances so I dont have zombie AD objects in my AD ?

2 Answers

There is no way to assign a specific name to AppStream 2.0 computer objects. The objects have a specific description attribute which can be used for cleanup processes. The documentation can be found here:

Additionally it is a best practice to use a dedicated OU or sub-OU for your AppStream instances to allow for easy identification and AppStream specific group policy objects.

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answered 2 months ago

You can't specify the hostnames for AppStream 2.0.

As a best practice, specify a separate OU for AppStream 2.0 computer objects.

AppStream 2.0 does not delete computer objects. You can clean them up on a periodic basis like you would other computer objects.

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answered 2 months ago

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