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Firewall Appliance in front of API Gateway



I have a architectual doubt,

Its possible place a firewall virtual appliance in front of a regional API gateway to inspect or control the traffic from the internet agains an particular API?

Thanks in advance for any hint about.

2 Answers
Accepted Answer

The only way to place an appliance in front of API Gateway is to use a Private API. Point your clients into the appliance in the VPC which will then route to the API Gateway VPC endpoint.

answered 6 days ago

Not answering your question but: why do you want to do this? API Gateway gives you the ability to "pull apart" each request; transform it and then reform a new request to the back end. What do you need the firewall to do that you can't do in API Gateway?

answered 6 days ago
  • that's the point, I needed to confirm that it is indeed unnecessary to deploy a firewall in front of an api gateway. i mean, i needed a differents points of views about that requirement. :) , btw thanks for detailed explanation

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