Elasticsearch's domain status stuck at processing



  1. I was facing ES EBS space issue (Prod Env) since last few days. Further i have increased ES EBS volume 10 to 128 GB using "Configure cluster", keep all configration same as, only increased EBS size up, and submitted. now 24 hours has been gone, still i can see Domain Status "Processing" . Could please help me how to fix it? or why is it taking too much time.

  2. I tried to reset the settings and now I have next message

UpdateDomainConfig: {"message":"Update has failed. Reason(s): The Cognito User Pool does not have the domain name set. Please set it and try again.The Cognito User Pool configured with this domain is unavailable. Please update the User Pool ID and try again. If the issue persists, please contact AWS Support."}

  1. I reset the ES security configuration and I still have the same message. so I do not have any Cognito configuration in my ES, but it still asks me about the domain name
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