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/EC2 MAC is stucked./

EC2 MAC is stucked.


I just created a new instance for mac1.metal, but it is not working at all. Even the status check 0/2 passed. I wasn't really able to wait for the 20 minutes to open a case, and I just selected to terminate the instance.

Now I am stucked with the instance in shutting down state. Instance ID i-0ffe79877d29371e2

Am I still able to create a new instance? Will the same happen if I recreate one? Also, is the billing for the mac1.metal based on the instance or the dedicated host? Will I still be billed even if I haven't really used the instance?

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You will not be billed for an instance that is not in running state.

You could try creating another one. I suggest you to try a different AZ if possible.

Also please check the system log under "Actions -> Monitoring and troubleshooting -> Get system log" to see if there was a clue as to why it is not booting up.

answered 3 months ago

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