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/Operation cloudfront prompts access denied/

Operation cloudfront prompts access denied


I can't operate my cloudfront, when I disable, create rules it tells me that access is denied I visited the address generated by cloudfront and it prompted me that my IP address could not be found, so I logged on to and went to the cloudfront page, and on the cloudfront interface, I saw that my domain name, status were normal. Then I tried to select one of the domains and tried to disable it (I tried to restart the service). But it tells me that Access is denied

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Please find the information below from AWS docs: Look at here Deleting a distribution

If you disable a distribution that has an alternate domain name associated with it, CloudFront stops accepting traffic for that domain name (such as, even if another distribution has an alternate domain name with a wildcard () that matches the same domain (such as

Thank You GK

answered 2 months ago
  • I can't stop any of the instances, and every instance I try to stop tells me that access is denied

  • I think your IAM permission to stop Ec2 instances has been removed, Are you using IAM User account can you check permission Thanks

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