How can I time restoring from a DB snapshot


For our disaster recovery I would like to be able to show an audit log of how long it takes to recover our main (AWS MySQL RDS) database.. is there a good way of doing that? Thanks!

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Hi petew2452,

Thank you for posting your question here.

You want to show an audit log of how long it takes to recover or restore an AWS MySQL RDS database.

This can be accomplished using RDS Events, basically, you capture in RDS events when it start and completes. The instance's RDS event will record something as follows:

This will be the time to restore the entire database, this is available for 24 hours in the console and then another 14 days in through the CLI describe-events.

The logs should also have some info, but this will differ from engine to engine and they also get rotated out, see The restore actions will be logged in CloudTrail, although they will not have elapsed time.

For more information on RDS Events, see

Hopefully this helps. Should you have any further queries or concern, please feel free to reach out.

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Hi Ayaar

Thanks for this.. I didn't spot that.

As a feature request, what these logs don't do is log an event "Database Restore to Point in Time Started" - that might be a useful thing to log. The first event I get was about 10 minutes after starting the process (confusingly, titled "DB instance shutdown").

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