how to backup glue jobs on bitbucket repository


Hello, as the title of the topic, I am writing this post to ask you help in order** to create a backup system of all the Glue jobs**, written in python, on a bitbucket repository.

In detail, I would like that, when a Glue jobs is updated , it is automatically uploaded on the bitbucket repository.


1) is it possible to export the Glue jobs?

**2) **if so, is it possible to find an automatic way?

Thank you in advance!

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Since Glue job scripts are stored in an S3 bucket in your account, you may consider creating a similar CodePipeline-Glue workflow as suggested here - which will help you to automate triggering and running Glue jobs. Then push the job code from S3 to bitbucket by establishing CodePipeline to bitbucket connection -

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