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Only can reachable one day


I have a instance, everything is perfect when the first day after it is set, reachable by Putty and set system. But when time pass after to 2nd day, the instance is not reachable more, no matter from external by Putty or connect inside of EC2, wrong information as below: Failed to connect to your instance We were unable to connect to your instance. Make sure that your instance network settings are configured correctly for EC2 Instance Connect. For more information, check Task 1 under the Set up EC2 Instance Connect AWS documentation.

When i stop and reboot to get a new IP address, everything will be fine again, but only good in one day as well.

1 Answers

It looks like the instance ends up being unresponsive after gradual increase in load over the day. Depending on the instance type chose, you should check the CPU Utilisation / CPU Credits of the instance before you attempt a stop + reboot to rule out CPU bottleneck. Memory metrics are not available by default and you would need to configure CloudWatch agent for this. Another quick fix alternative, would be to switch to a higher instance type to check if the system uptime increases also. But that would obviously mean an increase in cost for that duration.

Based on the behaviour you described, I'd assume system resources being a constraint and the need to switch to higher instance type. But better to validate it with metrics


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answered 3 days ago

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