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/Problem with enlarge a non root filesystem/

Problem with enlarge a non root filesystem


Hi all, good Sunday everyone, appreciate your help on my issue below

I have an EC2 instance and it has a filesystem which is a volume of 100G mounted on a folder. The filesystem is ext4 and is encrypted if that matters. I am running out of space on that volume. The volume does not appear to have any partition as lsblk does not show any partition.

I followed the information from this link I basically unmounted it first, took a snapshot of the volume and then made a new volume from the snapshot with the size of 200G (double the original 100). I then mounted the new volume.

Now from lsblk, it shows"xvdf 202:80 0 200G 0 disk /var/www/html", but from df -v it still shows "/dev/xvdf 103081248 58847604 38974380 61% /var/www/html". Still the same 100G and not increased to 200G.

What I missed doing here?

Thanks in advanced

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Any help or pointer? becoming desperate. I guess I can make a new 200G volume and copy the data from old one to the new one as a workaround...


answered a year ago

I missed performing the resize2fs command in case others find it helpful.


answered a year ago

Hi There

After the volume is increased, you would need to resize the filesystem as mentioned earlier. Once that is done, you will see the changes in df output.

answered 5 months ago

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