RDSADMIN_UTIL: what syntax to grant a system privilege?


The "common DBA answers" thoroughly document the code to define DML grants such as SELECT or UPDATE. I'm at a loss to "grant create" or "revoke create". I'd appreciate a source reference but just the right parameters would be very helpful. TIA.

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Thank you for reaching out. I understand you need some guidance on " GRANT CREATE *" or "REVOKE CREATE *" for your database schema in RDS Oracle. Please correct me if I am wrong.

You can login with your MASTER user in the RDS Oracle instance and you can assign the " CREATE " privileges to your custom schema.

You can run the below query to find the list of privileges assigned to the MASTER user.

SELECT * FROM session_privs ORDER BY privilege;

I logged in to my lab instance using RDS Master user and please find the below output :

Created a demo schema

SQL> create user TEST1 identified by admin123;

User created.


Added Privileges

SQL> grant create any job to TEST1; Grant succeeded.

SQL> revoke create any job from TEST1; Revoke succeeded.

SQL> grant CREATE TABLE to TEST1; Grant succeeded.

SQL> revoke CREATE TABLE from TEST1; Revoke succeeded.

The above information will provide you with guidance for this situation. However, Please note this is general guidance only and offered on best effort basis.

As always, Happy Cloud Computing.

answered 2 years ago

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