Get actual request path in API Gateway HTTP API


The event payload v2.0 of an HTTP API contains a "rawPath" field. However, this does not contain the actual raw request path. It seems to go through some kind of normalization.

For example, a request such as: will return "/foo/bar" without the excess slashes. I would like to be able to somehow retrieve that is was "//foo//bar" so I can issue a 301 redirect to the proper corrected path. Is there any trick to get this? Is this a bug?

I do notice that payload v1.0 returns the desired raw request at "path". However, I'd rather not go back to an older, possibly future deprecated version.

1 Answer

You can see from the Schema that it will not provide the Full URL:

You can connect it to Lambda, print out the event and look at your cloudwatch logs to determine which of them provides the desired value.

answered a month ago

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