Email Receiving: SES sends failure notification even if message is delivered


I set up email receiving. My domain is verified.

I have an active rule set, consisting of one rule, matching my entire domain.

The rule has only two actions:

  1. Deliver to Amazon S3 bucket (with SNS notification)
  2. Stop rule set.

Spam and virus scanning is enabled.

Everything is fine: recipients receive messages.

But if the status of the dkimVerdict and/or the dmarcVerdict is GRAY for a received message, the sender receives a failure notification, as if the message was rejected, even if it's successfully delivered.

The diagnostic code in the notification is smtp; 451 4.3.0 This message could not be delivered due to a recipient error. Please try again later..

I tried to send messages from domains with DMARC policies correctly set (both verdict show status PASS) and I didn't get failure notifications.

Anyone else facing this issue?

Thank you! Paolo

  • I tried to disable Spam and virus scanning but to no avail: sender still receives a failure notification, even if the message is delivered.

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Accepted Answer

I finally figured everything out.

It had nothing to do with dkimVerdict and/or the dmarcVerdict being GRAY.

A collegue of mine had an old rule in place, for the same domain, which delivered received messages to an S3 bucket. The bucket was removed, but the rule was still there and, of course, it was failing to execute.


answered 7 months ago

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