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How to Configure and Release a Saas-based platform to AWS Marketplace ?


I am looking for some help in configuration and release of a SaaS/container-based platform to AWS marketplace? I’m stuck on a project and any help (in terms of guidance/concrete steps to follow upon) on this is appreciated.

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Hello Adit!

Our documentation with regards to deploying SaaS to the Marketplace is available here:

However, if you do require further help/ guidance, you are also able to reach out to the Marketplace team directly here:

answered 10 months ago

Have you looked at this guide?

answered 10 months ago
  • Thank you, it seems helpful. Is it possible to get some help from aws marketplace team for some aspects of how I can publish my product to marketplace. There seems to be a lot of moving parts and it is hard to wrap my hand around all of them.

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