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I have a PostgreSQL RDS database in AWS which is in a free-tier period I have launched the database for free-tier but still I am getting charged for the RDS every month, which is of the type "$0.131 per GB-month of provisioned gp2 storage running PostgreSQL", why I am getting charged for this, like this charge for the inbound/outbound transfer, database backups or basically what I am exceeding above free-tier limits for which I am charged Kindly provide me a solution for how I can avoid these charges, I should change the RDS configurations, change the storage type, or any other step I can take so, that I can avoid these charges

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The Amazon RDS free tier applies to Amazon RDS for MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and SQL Server (running SQL Server Express Edition).

The free usage tier applies across all AWS Regions except GovCloud (US) and Asia Pacific (Osaka) Local. Your usage is calculated each month across all regions and automatically applied to your bill. For example, you will receive 750 Micro DB Instance hours for free across all of the Regions, not 750 hours per Region. Note that free usage does not accumulate from one billing period to the next.

  1. 750 hours of Amazon RDS Single-AZ db.t2.micro, db.t3.micro, and db.t4g.micro Instances usage running MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL databases each month. If running more than one instance, usage is aggregated across instance classes.
  2. 750 hours of Amazon RDS Single-AZ db.t2.micro Instance usage running SQL Server (running SQL Server Express Edition) each month.
  3. 20 GB of General Purpose (SSD) DB Storage*
  4. 20 GB of backup storage for your automated database backups and any user-initiated DB Snapshots*
  • Backup storage is free up to 20 GB or the size of your DB storage, whichever is less, and requires you to have at least one DB instance running in your account. If you exceed these limits, or if you terminate all DB instances in your account, backup storage will be charged at standard RDS rates.

Please check if you have provisioned RDS in the right instances (Single-AZ db.t2.micro, db.t3.micro, and db.t4g.micro) and also the storage type, the usage on the storage. Provisioning on instances that are not supported by free tier will incur charges.

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answered a month ago

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