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[WorkMail] Do I need to request production access in SES?


I've migrated my main email to Amazon WorkMail, I use it only for personal use, not for marketing, I don't plan to add users, those receiving my emails are either friends or people I've to communicate via email.

I send few emails per week, and I receive many from notification by GitLab and Github mainly.

In AWS SES there's a warning box stating that my SES Account, that is solely used for WorMail, is in the sandbox.

Should I ask Production access? What should I state in the answers to the Trust Team as I don't really do much business with this email?


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Thank you for choosing WorkMail, to use WorkMail you do not need to request Production access for SES. The warning in the SES is only for when you want to send mail via SES.

Kind regards, Robin

answered 7 months ago
  • Thank you , much appreciated

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