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Cost of Amazon CloudFront additional metrics



I want to enable Amazon CloudFront 8 additional metrics for one distribution.

When calculating the cost, should I multiply 8 metrics by the number of minutes per month or does it count as 8 metrics only?

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Amazon CloudWatch custom metric pricing is

Number of distributions you activated this for X 8 (up to 8 metrics, depends on the actual events types that occur) X 0.30$

  • if they use Amazon CloudWatch API there will be a retrieval fee - 0.01$ per 1000 requests

From the documentation: When you enable additional metrics for a distribution, Amazon CloudFront sends up to 8 metrics to Amazon CloudWatch in the US East (N. Virginia) Region. Amazon CloudWatch charges a low, fixed rate for each metric. This rate is charged only once per month, per metric (up to 8 metrics per distribution). This is a fixed rate, so your cost remains the same regardless of the number of requests or responses that the Amazon CloudFront distribution receives or sends. For the per-metric rate, see the Amazon CloudWatch pricing page and the Amazon CloudWatch pricing calculator. Additional API charges apply when you retrieve the metrics with the Amazon CloudWatch API.

answered 2 years ago

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