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Not working DNSSEC on hosted zones


I create DS record with the route 53 keys data in Domain register .cl, its works and validate the keys, but when i test DNSSEC for the hosted zones in route 53, i recieve No DS records found for in the cl zone, the register are insecure?

2 Answers

According to DNSVIZ (, DNSSEC is enabled and working correctly for

The .cl TLD is returning DS record for

$ dig DS +short
9037 13 2 8F772DDB3DC7AABFE4094D0F9110E39EBED14778953F59321F6D82C8 D58B5728

Google DNS which performs DNSSEC validation, is returning RRSIG when resolving

$ dig @ +dnssec +short
A 13 2 300 20220603091147 20220603070647 62283 K6yz3hyKboDYYr9METvaSS0nJd2kld4OqGh9wRNosar2qwM+e4BeC8Ml lJjhFVJZO/FLam8JF0/Q73VJ/cgLAg==

How are you checking for DS record for

answered 2 months ago

There was a problems with, its take some time to update and validate the DS record, when they validate the DS record, the problems was resolve.

answered 2 months ago

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