Error when upgrading Aurora MySQL from v2 (5.7) to v3 (8.0)


When I try to upgrade Aurora MySQL 5.7 to Aurora MySQL 8.0, I got this pre-check error

{ "id":"routinesSyntaxCheck", "title":"MySQL 8.0 syntax check for routine-like objects", "status":"OK", "description":"The following objects did not pass a syntax check with the latest MySQL 8.0 grammar. A common reason is that they reference names that conflict with new reserved keywords. You must update these routine definitions and quote any such references before upgrading.", "documentationLink":"", "detectedProblems":[ { "level":"Error", "dbObject":"mysql.flush_rewrite_rules", "description":"at line 5,8: unexpected token 'QUERY'" } ] }

The routine is owned by rdsadmin, so I cannot touch it. What can I do? When I did a test at the end of May, the upgrade worked perfectly

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Perhaps the same thing is happening with the following.
I think the solution is to contact AWS support as follows and have the mysql.flush_rewrite_rules procedure removed by the AWS RDS development team.

Update: I reached out to AWS Support and they mentioned that the mysql.flush_rewrite_rules procedure had to be dropped by the internal AWS RDS development team. I had them drop the procedure and was able to upgrade the database successfully after that.

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answered 5 months ago

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