When creating ivs RecordingConfiguration using sdk for php, the created configuration throws an error.


hello? I am using SDK PHP and created a recording configuration with the following code. However, the generated configuration is failing to use it because of an error. I wonder what could be the cause. Does anyone know?

note. If you create it directly in the AWS console, it will be created normally. Same ap-northeast-2 for both AWS console and SDK regions.

require 'aws/aws-autoloader.php';    
use Aws\IVS\IVSClient;

$client = new IVSClient([
      'version' => 'latest',
      'region' => 'ap-northeast-2',
      'credentials' => [
          'key' => 'XXXXXXXXXXXX',
          'secret' => 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX',

  $resultS3 = $client->createRecordingConfiguration([      
      'destinationConfiguration' => [ 
          's3' => [
              'bucketName' => 'XXXXXXX',
      'name' => 'XXXXXXXXXXXXX',
      'recordingReconnectWindowSeconds' => 0,
      'thumbnailConfiguration' => [
          'recordingMode' => 'INTERVAL',
          'targetIntervalSeconds' => 60,

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This issue is caused by improper IAM permissions. Make sure your credentials are set up properly:


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answered a year ago

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