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/ConcurrentSnapshotLimitExceeded when no in-progress snapshots listed in EC2 Snapshots manager/

ConcurrentSnapshotLimitExceeded when no in-progress snapshots listed in EC2 Snapshots manager


I'm getting the following error from aws ec2 create-snapshot:

(ConcurrentSnapshotLimitExceeded) when calling the CreateSnapshot operation: Maximum allowed in-progress snapshots for a single volume exceeded.

This is happening on a large volume that I started some snapshots on earlier today and then deleted before they were complete. No incomplete snapshots show up in the EC2 snapshot manager UI, nor do any show up in the list returned by aws ec2 describe-snapshots. How do I cancel/abort those snapshots once and for all?

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Please take a look at, which describes the behavior of concurrent snapshot operations.

You can delete EBS snapshots while they're in progress. If you then initiate a new snapshot, the displayed progress percentage might be stuck for an extended period of time. The deleted snapshot progress will continue until it's 100% complete.

The key here is, a cancelled snapshot operation still continues in the background until the snapshot is finished.

answered 2 months ago

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